Whether to consider Padi or SSI for diver accreditation

There are two agencies which give certifications to divers. With accreditation from any one of them, you will be able to perform as a certified scuba diver in any place of the world. Both the agencies are good for giving certifications. And both train divers to perform as expert scuba divers. Now when you would not be able to decide whether to go for Padi or SSI for diver accreditation then you may get some ideas from the explanations below.


PADI is the acronym for Professional Association of diving instructors. SSI is the acronym for Scuba Schools International. Both are diving schools where they train people to become divers, and successful completion of training they are given certificates.

Both the schools have the same motto, and that is to create good divers. Both are reputed and valued all over the world. Hence, whichever school you choose, you would be getting the best diving education. Definitely styles would vary and the approach of instructors in both places would vary from person to person. But the overall result would be the same.

People who get trained from either one of these agencies get trained in scuba diving to such excellence that they can dive, and also give training to others. The choice of the agency is a personal preference.

Whether to choose SSI or PADI

Since both the agencies are internationally acclaimed, hence the decision of Padi or SSI for diver accreditation is a total personal choice, and should not be biased. In fact instead of looking at the agencies as per name, you should actually look for one that is close to you. The geographical closeness of the agency does matter.

Online training programs

Both the agencies have their online training programs for all the theory classes they offer definitely the practical classes have to be covered in person by students on site. But the online theory classes helps save time of many students for whom the distance from home to the class is huge. It’s good that both PADI and SSI offer this feature.

While pondering on Padi or SSI for diver accreditation, you must consider both have their advantages and disadvantages. While one offers the online training for free, another offers lifetime access to course materials and valuable information free. And in this way when you compare, you would see that both are at par. While comparing you must consider the cost of books and study materials from both.

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