Just Like Any Other Adventure Diving Requires a Good Dive Knife

In every adventure, it is common to find someone with a portable knife and the knives can range from a simple kitchen knife to Army or Soldier Knife. You must be in a position to discover the fact that diving is also an adventure just like that experienced in a different environment such as in a forest cover. Knives are used differently for different adventures. As for diving, knives may be used for untangling oneself in case you are stuck in the middle of an underwater cave. Yes, you will simply cut off that part which has caught your leg or any other part the simply get out. Which is the best dive knife to choose for your diving needs?

Some of the best dive knives

The first and the popular of all is the Cressi Skorpion dive knife. This knife is believed to be the best knife for divers because it performs all the three functions that are known to be crucial for divers. These three functions are: cutting, opening and scrubbing. With this knife, you can cut a cord, you can use the sharp pointed tip to open a screw or something of that sort. You can also use the sharp edge to scrub off some elements from the surface of another platform while underground. For instance if you have come across a ship wreck with an invisible name engraved on it, the you will use your best dive knife to scrub the deposits off the surface so as to tell the name of that ship wreck

There is also the Scuba Pro Mako Titanium diving knife. Just as the name suggest, it is mean for scuba diving and it is made of titanium. This is a metal that is fairly hard to oxidize or even rust. It is more durable than the stainless steel we are used to as divers. The other amazing feature with this best dive knife is that I has a serrated section which looks a saw while the other one is sharp. With these, you can use it as a hacksaw as well as a knife. The handle is designed in such a way that the buoyancy that is normally experienced underwater does not snatch away the knife from you hand. This is also the best because it is a short one and lighter than stainless steel. This reduced your weight while moving under water.

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