Can you use Scuba Fins for Snorkeling?

Something I get asked a lot is if you can use scuba fins for snorkeling? Obviously if you can use both you will save a lot of money, but is it really possible? Today we will look into this further 🙂

Buying fins for scuba diving or snorkeling can be a tricky task to do especially if you are doing it for the very first time. You may end up confused or exhausted. As there is not much difference in appearance of the two types, you should at least know the basic differences between them for a better idea of what you are looking at.

Generally there are many similarities between snorkel fins and diving fins which makes it exceedingly difficult to choose the right ones when it’s time to purchase. To fairly understand the differences and similarities between the two, it is highly essential to look at what they entail in the first place.

Snorkeling Fins

Snorkel Fins are generally designed to be basic with less extra features for use at fairly low depths. Due to comparatively less pressure at such depth they are generally shorter in length and require less leg strength for kicking. As snorkeling takes place in warm water, these fins are fully enclosed and don’t require further insulation. Thus, they are also known as full foot fins and are generally light in weight. Such basic features also allow them to be used for swimming but restricts there use at deeper levels

Scuba diving Fins

Scuba diving Fins are typically of longer length than snorkeling fins and are generally designed with many additional features. Longer length enables each kick of your leg to have more power, which allows you to travel further with reduced struggle against the immense pressure. They are usually available in different types with variations of speeds and strength. Additional features like closed and open pockets allow you to wear diving boots to keep your feet warm in colder water. Unlike snorkel fins, scuba diving fins cannot be used for swimming as they are heavier and designed for high pressure conditions.

In Summary

Scuba diving fins are not highly recommended for snorkeling as they are heavier in weight and contains many additional features which are not really required for snorkeling. As at further depths water is generally cold, Scuba diving fins are designed to counter cold water. Therefore, they not only fail to provide insulation but may even over heat your feet with external warm water and additional closed and open packing conditions. Also trying to snorkel with scuba diving fins can result in restricted movement due to heavier weight.

Tip – Fins might not transfer but wetsuits do, so read my post on wesuits and free diving here.

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