Month: February 2019

Fitness and Diving

Fitness and Diving

For me there is a lot value in hitting the gym and getting stronger on many levels before going diving. I can take a lot of strength to carry a 50 pound tank if you are using one! Especially as we get older we start losing up to a half-pound of lean muscle tissue a year. That means less strength and likely more fat.

Although cardio is always important, for me home gym equipment is also very critical to my fitness and playing golf. Learn more about the best spikeless golf shoes reviewed in 2019.

My main exercises include:

  • Weight Bench or chest press where you lie on your back holding a barbell or dumbbells over your chest with arms extended. Then lowering the weights until your upper arms are even with your chest. Press back to the start.
  • Leg Press Machine  where you sit on the machine and push out your legs giving a great workout for your quads.
  • Rowing Machines where you are bent over seated pulling back a rowing cable like you are actually rowing. This I find can be very good for both my back and arm muscles but also for my cardio.

Of course there are many other ways you can get more strength and cardio than just from a home gym but personally they are my favorite. Especially in the off season and when I am not diving as there is nothing worse than being really unfit when the next diving season starts!

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I highly recommend you have a look at their reviews if you are thinking of getting some fitness equipment to stay in shape before you go diving next!