Month: April 2018

Tips to Protect the Reef and Ocean

Air Bubbles looking up from under the sea

Today I wanted to share a post about what we can do to help preserve, conserve and save our precious reefs and under water havens. There was a great articles shared by the Ocean Service about steps we can take to reduce our impact so the following post is somewhat a re-iteration of that but also a few other things I consider and do myself!

Ways to Protect the Reef

Reduce your Water Consumption

By reducing your water use you reduce the amount of water that needs to be treated and eventually ends up in the waterways and oceans. What are some of the ways we can do this?

  • Take shorter showers
  • Turn tap off when brushing teeth
  • Install water saving devices
  • Use a rain water tank
  • Only do washing when you have a full load
  • Use eco modes on the dishwasher or wash them in the sink
  • Plumb your home to use grey water on the garden
  • Opt for more plant based food in your diet – the meat industry is a huge water user

Dive and Snorkel Responsibly

When snorkeling and diving do not touch the reef and definitely don’t anchor your boat to the reef or nearby. The coral reef is delicate and extremely fragile so touching them can kill them. Look but don’t touch and if you see people standing on the reef please explain the damage they are causing.

Use Alternate Transport

Use your legs, bicycle or public transport to get to and from work etc, fossil fuels are directly linked to global warming and the rise in sea temperatures. This is leading to wide-spread, mass coral bleaching which is killing large portions of the reef.

Plant Trees

There are many great organizations including Plant a Billion who hope to plant a million trees! These guys are our lifeline -literally, without trees we can’t breathe. They also reduce the run off into the ocean of waste water so if you can, plant a tree near you!

Be Mindful of the Products Used While Gardening

Even if you don’t live anywhere near the beach fertilizers and other lawn care products will seep into the water table which eventually makes its way to the sea. These can be deadly to marine life and coral!

Dispose of Trash Correctly

Again this is applicable to anywhere you are but even more so when you are at the beach. Take all your rubbish with you- leave no trace. The reef and marine life is extremely fragile.

Support Local Organizations

Reef friendly businesses such as hostels, hotels, boat charters, aquariums, dive schools all have methods in place to help protect the reef. If you are aware of these people in your neighborhood then be sure to support their business so they can continue to do this kind of work.


These are a few keys things you can do to reduce your impact and any devastation caused to the reefs and oceans around the World. We should all be working towards minimizing our impact so the next generation and the generations to come can enjoy all the beautiful things we get to.