How to Choose the Best Scuba Tanks?

Scuba tanks are used by every scuba diver and in every dive boat and dive shop today. The regular 80 cubic foot aluminum tank has been used by all, but scuba tanks can be found in many varied shapes and sizes. Each scuba tank comes with its own pros and cons, price tag and purpose. Here are some of the most useful tips to help you to choose the best scuba tanks.


The length and not the diameter of their scuba tank is a cause of worry for the majority of most scuba divers. If you can carry the tank by lifting it and not drag it across the deck of the boat, it is indicative that either you have short hands or are unable to carry the weight. The tank might be too long in case strength is not an issue. Some of the best scuba tanks made of steel and of high pressure variety are just 20 inches long in total size.


Aluminum 80 tanks are ubiquitous today, as these are cheap in cost. While these tanks can be found in 100, 63 and 50 cubic foot units, the 80 cubic foot tank happens to be the most famous. This is just because this is one of the first and most commonly used sizes of Aluminum tank. The first 72 cubic foot tanks with aluminum construction came with rounded bottoms, and are slightly taller in size.

Air Capacity

You should also check the tank’s air capacity. If your consumption of air is significantly less than your fellow diver, it makes no sense to carry the additional air weight back to your boat. A smaller unit of 50 cubic foot is the best choice when you are diving only with students. The best scuba tanks are those that match your own air consumption, safety considerations and diving objectives.


These tanks are typically composed of two materials – aluminum or steel. The tanks made of aluminum are cheaper in cost, and are lighter than steel tanks. However, aluminum is softer when compared to steel and are likelier to get damaged due to careless or rough handling. The best scuba tanks made of aluminum usually come with a lifespan of about 15 years than steel tanks that can last for as long as three decades. However, that is unlikely to be a big problem if you purchase a new tank.


Can you use Scuba Fins for Snorkeling?

Something I get asked a lot is if you can use scuba fins for snorkeling? Obviously if you can use both you will save a lot of money, but is it really possible? Today we will look into this further 🙂

Buying fins for scuba diving or snorkeling can be a tricky task to do especially if you are doing it for the very first time. You may end up confused or exhausted. As there is not much difference in appearance of the two types, you should at least know the basic differences between them for a better idea of what you are looking at.

Generally there are many similarities between snorkel fins and diving fins which makes it exceedingly difficult to choose the right ones when it’s time to purchase. To fairly understand the differences and similarities between the two, it is highly essential to look at what they entail in the first place.

Snorkeling Fins

Snorkel Fins are generally designed to be basic with less extra features for use at fairly low depths. Due to comparatively less pressure at such depth they are generally shorter in length and require less leg strength for kicking. As snorkeling takes place in warm water, these fins are fully enclosed and don’t require further insulation. Thus, they are also known as full foot fins and are generally light in weight. Such basic features also allow them to be used for swimming but restricts there use at deeper levels

Scuba diving Fins

Scuba diving Fins are typically of longer length than snorkeling fins and are generally designed with many additional features. Longer length enables each kick of your leg to have more power, which allows you to travel further with reduced struggle against the immense pressure. They are usually available in different types with variations of speeds and strength. Additional features like closed and open pockets allow you to wear diving boots to keep your feet warm in colder water. Unlike snorkel fins, scuba diving fins cannot be used for swimming as they are heavier and designed for high pressure conditions.

In Summary

Scuba diving fins are not highly recommended for snorkeling as they are heavier in weight and contains many additional features which are not really required for snorkeling. As at further depths water is generally cold, Scuba diving fins are designed to counter cold water. Therefore, they not only fail to provide insulation but may even over heat your feet with external warm water and additional closed and open packing conditions. Also trying to snorkel with scuba diving fins can result in restricted movement due to heavier weight.

Tip – Fins might not transfer but wetsuits do, so read my post on wesuits and free diving here.

Just Like Any Other Adventure Diving Requires a Good Dive Knife

In every adventure, it is common to find someone with a portable knife and the knives can range from a simple kitchen knife to Army or Soldier Knife. You must be in a position to discover the fact that diving is also an adventure just like that experienced in a different environment such as in a forest cover. Knives are used differently for different adventures. As for diving, knives may be used for untangling oneself in case you are stuck in the middle of an underwater cave. Yes, you will simply cut off that part which has caught your leg or any other part the simply get out. Which is the best dive knife to choose for your diving needs?

Some of the best dive knives

The first and the popular of all is the Cressi Skorpion dive knife. This knife is believed to be the best knife for divers because it performs all the three functions that are known to be crucial for divers. These three functions are: cutting, opening and scrubbing. With this knife, you can cut a cord, you can use the sharp pointed tip to open a screw or something of that sort. You can also use the sharp edge to scrub off some elements from the surface of another platform while underground. For instance if you have come across a ship wreck with an invisible name engraved on it, the you will use your best dive knife to scrub the deposits off the surface so as to tell the name of that ship wreck

There is also the Scuba Pro Mako Titanium diving knife. Just as the name suggest, it is mean for scuba diving and it is made of titanium. This is a metal that is fairly hard to oxidize or even rust. It is more durable than the stainless steel we are used to as divers. The other amazing feature with this best dive knife is that I has a serrated section which looks a saw while the other one is sharp. With these, you can use it as a hacksaw as well as a knife. The handle is designed in such a way that the buoyancy that is normally experienced underwater does not snatch away the knife from you hand. This is also the best because it is a short one and lighter than stainless steel. This reduced your weight while moving under water.

Buying snorkeling masks at Walmart

We know that among the snorkeling equipment the snorkel mask has a great value. You should always take care while purchasing the snorkel masks such that the mask has the correct size so that it can fit easily without being too tight so that you can breathe easily.

You should spend some time and money and choose the mask with tempered glass and the one that is anti-fog. The snorkeling masks at Walmart provide you the best available snorkel masks in a wide range. You can find masks ranging from $15 to $680 which tells you what a wide range of masks are present at Walmart.

Walmart being one of best in the line of shopping services surely provides you quality and value for your money in terms of the snorkeling masks. You can find the following snorkeling masks at Walmart.

Types of masks available

You can find a lot of different types of masks at the store namely the frameless masks, the full-face masks, the single window masks, and the double window masks.

Are full-face masks a problem?

According to CBS news, a problem that is being arisen in the snorkel industry is the full-faced masks. Hawaii has recently seen a surprising rise in the number of snorkel-related deaths. It has been recorded that on average 17 people die each year while snorkeling. According to one theory the full-face snorkel masks are at the center of it because 4 deaths have been related to the full-face masks. The lifeguards have observed that more and more people are using full-face masks because according to them they are easier to use than the conventional masks and snorkels. Security experts have suggested that there can be an issue related to the design of full-face snorkel which can lead to carbon dioxide escalation which might cause the snorkelers to become disoriented. This could be a challenge for many snorkel equipment selling stores.

Nowadays the frameless masks are also in. These masks get rid of the rigid plastic frame which makes them lightweight and much more flexible.

The snorkeling masks at Walmart fall in all the mentioned categories. Once you make up your mind you can go Walmart and pick the one you find best. The snorkeling masks at Walmart also contain some of the top tier masks such as ocean reef neptune space g.divers OR025018 emerald which costs around 613 bucks. You should really check out the range at the Walmart to choose the one that fits you best.